The Delegation Of Loan Insurance-Lower Interest Rates

The 2016 property season is marked by a strengthening of Bill Sikes renegotiations. A good sign for loan insurance delegation? An editorial over at


The continued decline in low interest rates is driving borrowers to renegotiate their mortgage agreements. At the same time, first-time buyers are solicited by banks. A period of sustained activity that could benefit the development of loan insurance delegation.


Changing mortgage insurance is still far from being an automatism

Changing mortgage insurance is still far from being an automatism

For young borrowers in particular, entrusting the insurance of their mortgage to a third party remains a delicate operation. In question, the fear of starting negotiations that could potentially affect negatively the rate that would be granted by their bank. In 2015, the insurer April and the FIFG, noted that “4 out of 10 young people think that the bank can refuse insurance loan subscribed elsewhere than with his bank . ” A refusal is indeed possible, but it must be justified by inadequate minimum guarantees of the contract.

More generally, the arrival of the FSI (Standardized Information Form) and the savings that allows the delegation of insurance borrower were obviously not enough to get off the ground. The subscription to individual contracts was made possible by the Lagarde law in 2010 and valued by Benoît Hamon’s consumption law in 2014. The delegation of loan insurance has been put forward for more than 6 years but it still seems relatively misunderstood by the borrowers.


Renegotiation of real estate loans is back in force

Renegotiation of real estate loans is back in force

Considering a significant proportion of the production of mortgages in this season, renegotiation sometimes allows borrowers to subscribe to a new consumer loan. The savings on the interest that this operation allows can indeed be synonymous with new projects for certain households. For the most comfortable incomes, the investment in the rental pushed by the Pinel device is even envisaged following a renegotiation.

At the same time, low interest rates also favor buybacks of mortgages: these are more numerous when there are significant decreases.


Renegotiate, the ideal time to delegate your borrower insurance

Borrowers renegotiate their mortgages to obtain a better rate or change the type (fixed / variable), or even change the amount of the monthly payment or the repayment period. In terms of reducing the total cost of Bill Sikes, a renegotiation with a loan insurance delegation can boost the savings.

However, other periods of strong renegotiation activity in real estate loans have occurred in recent years, with no significant increase in the number of delegations. While correlating lower rates and rising renegotiations makes sense, linking favorable rates and democratizing borrower insurance delegation is not easy. Although the benefits are real, changing loan insurance remains a perspective not much considered by borrowers.

However, the operation could be further estimated in the years to come: the rate cut will sooner or later run out of steam and borrowers will use other levers to save money. Without having to wait for any stagnation or rise in borrowing rates, households can already benefit from the delegation of insurance. Also, Bill Sikes and insurance players must continue to raise awareness about this operation!

When Do You Buy Back Credits-Debt Consolidation Loan


Today, few consumers have ever used Bill Sikes. From age 18, everyone can have needs, whether to pay for his studies, finance his driver’s license or his first car. Then, we quickly realize that Bill Sikes is everywhere. Bill Sikes work, consumer Bill Sikes, mortgage … We even buy his television on Bill Sikes. If this solution proves to be perfectly useful, it is sometimes difficult not to fall into the trap of the multiplication of Bill Sikess. Whether you are taking out a loan at your bank or at a specialized institution, interest rates are often high and debts pile up. And often, you get to contract the loan too much to pay back the previous ones.

What can you do to optimize your budget on time?

What can you do to optimize your budget on time?

Your debt becomes too important, your living is no longer enough to pay your bills and this is the gear. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, it is important not to reach extremes that could ruin your life. Stopwatch in Hand In fact, a debt ratio too important, an impossibility to repay your Bill Sikess and banking at Banque de France is assured. You will first appear in the FCC file, and will not be able to issue checks, then in the FICP file and you will not be able to contract new Bill Sikess. To avoid such a situation, the first solution is to file an over-indebtedness file in order to find a solution. But it is a commission that studies your debt overhang, it can take months and will not necessarily solve your problems. The ultimate solution, the one that is more and more popular, and for good reason, is the redemption of Bill Sikess. If the over-indebtedness commission can not cancel your debts, the redemption of Bill Sikess makes it possible to regroup all your Bill Sikess and to adapt their refund to your situation. By opting early for this solution, you will avoid carding at the Banque de France and can continue to have a normal life. Because, as soon as you appear in the file FICP or FCC, you lose all your financial freedom.

Opt for a broker buyback Bill Sikess.

Opt for a broker buyback Bill Sikess.

Owner or tenant, each individual can redeem their Bill Sikess. If you can do it yourself, a broker will be more able to find you a Bill Sikes with more advantageous interests through negotiations with players in the world of Bill Sikes. Your debt ratio will be significantly reduced, your living will be more comfortable. As soon as you realize that you will not be able to honor your debt, entrust the negotiation of your purchase of Bill Sikess to a broker , he will be able to bring you an answer adapted to your problems.

Loan Consolidation – The Way To A Successful Closure.

Loan Consolidation – How Out of Trouble?

Loan Consolidation - How Out of Trouble?


In any budget, individual or family, the basic and most sensible principle should be: to spend as much as our revenues allow us to save on unexpected expenses and, if anything remains, for future consumption . For a holiday, a new living room, or replacing an old car with a new one.

Simply put, it is best to invest your energy in making money and saving. Sometimes, in order to save something, we also have to deny something and tighten your belt. However, in the future, we will appreciate it because we can indulge in something more and “for our own”, or invest in an advantageous amount, to further appreciate and grow. This strategy is also used by large companies and is said to be deferred consumption .

Unfortunately, in practical life little is evolving in such a “textbook” way. Sometimes simply spending – even if for a shorter period – exceeds our earnings, the reserves and the bills still need to be paid in full and on time.

Article content

  • 1 The best is prevention = you won’t have to consolidate anything
  • 2 Consolidation will reduce your monthly installments
  • 3 You get the best interest if you start a property
  • 4 Conclusion

The best is prevention = you won’t have to consolidate anything

The best is prevention = you won

At that time, a solution in the form of loans comes to mind. Nowadays it is nothing exceptional and with well-set parameters, loans can be a big help. It is essential to borrow only what is really necessary and urgent . If you calculate everything well, you should not have enough money to repay.

However, there is still one trap that few in terms of borrowing: in the vast majority of cases, when adjusting the loan amount and repayments, we calculate with current income and expenses. However, they change a lot in time, and many circumstances can suffocate with them, whether it be family gain, sickness, job loss, or worse pay.

Such fluctuations pose a risk especially if we have loans with a longer maturity. You pay for two years without problems, and the third one can get in trouble. This can be resolved, for example, by insuring the loan repayment ability . However, this is not always advantageous and some loans can be unnecessarily overpriced. However, it is worth considering it for loans with higher amounts and longer maturities.

Consolidation will reduce your monthly installments

Consolidation will reduce your monthly installments

 However, if you are reading these lines, you are probably already in a situation where you have two or more credits on your neck, whose payments are too high for you, literally “fall on your head” and the risk of execution is already in the air.

In this case, consolidating your loans is the right solution for you. What exactly is it about? To put it simply, you merge all your current loans into one with more reasonable monthly installments.

In practice, it works by finding a creditor who will enter into a consolidation loan agreement with you. In other words, it will give you a loan to repay debts to all of your previous creditors. Old loans, whose repayments are too high for you at the moment, will basically disappear and will only be replaced by this single loan from the new provider with the monthly installment set below.

In order to make the “shrink” installments more acceptable, the new lender will basically “stretch” your new consolidation loan for a longer period. You will pay off your obligations longer than originally. Although you will get rid of the credit burden somewhat later, but at least you will be easier to breathe and monthly payments will not make you a problem.

The big advantage is also the fact that if you put all loans under one roof in this way, you will simplify the repayment process. You won’t have to watch when, to whom and how much to pay . You will not have to pay unnecessary penalties for repayment due to weaker memory. By having just one creditor, you only need to remember one date and one installment amount.

The fact that you have only one creditor after consolidation is also beneficial in that you also reduce the total monthly fees associated with loans. Mathematics is clear in this case: one contract equals one fee!

You get the best interest if you start a property

You get the best interest if you start a property

Finding a suitable creditor who also offers a consolidation loan among other products is no problem at all. Almost all banks and non-banks now offer this type of loan. The differences between them are in the interest rate (see APRC ) and in the conditions that creditors have set for obtaining them.

A consolidation loan will cost you the most in banks, but your creditworthiness criteria are set quite high. If they evaluate you as an inadequately solvent client or as a too risky borrower due to a negative credit record , the chances of getting a profitable consolidation loan are so zero.

At that time, there is a need for more benevolent non-bank companies in this regard who are less likely to turn your back. However, you have to count on the fact that no non-banknote will lend you cheaply as a risky client! It is true that the more you “put on”, the team with higher interest must be counted.

However, even non-banknotes have their limits: if you are too “overriding” and are among the chronic defaulters, you may, as a credit incapacitated client, refuse the loan here!

establishment of real estate If you want to reduce the interest rate of your old loans as much as possible and minimize the amount of monthly repayments, you will get the best conditions for a consolidated loan if you guarantee the property or obtain a credible guarantor . However, for real estate consolidated loans, we advise maximum caution, because in the event of possible future insolvency and repayment problems, you might also lose your roof.

If you choose to consolidate, it brings with you one more bonus that you can, but you do not have to use: you can borrow a little more than is necessary to pay off your current loans. You get rid of the burden of old and disadvantageous loans and you can also get something extra for your own consumption.

TIP: If you are interested in consulting on obtaining a loan to consolidate old loans, please fill out our online form and a representative of one of the non-banking companies we work with will contact you. It takes your situation and offers you the right solution. You can consolidate bank and non-bank loans, credit cards, overdraft facilities, leasing and hire purchase.


If you get into trouble repaying your current loans, and the monthly payments will literally “fall on you”, then it’s time to consolidate them. Thanks to it, you can set up the installments so that you can pay them without any problems and do not get into unnecessary insolvency problems.

However, you should also be aware of the fact that consolidation is also not a free solution! On the one hand, while it will help you reduce monthly credit repayments to a manageable value, by repaying the maturity of all consolidated loans for a longer period, you will actually pay them more than before. This is a hidden “tax” for consolidating.

However, it is still better to pay back longer than not having to meet your creditors’ obligations on a monthly basis and to get a negative credit record or, in the worst case, to reach the bailiff.



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Unsecured Loan Fast loans and SMS loans are particularly favorable -s. Use our loan calculator and make sure that it is Estonia’s best offer. A tax rate of 15% of the nominal value of the underlying financial asset for derivative instruments could be 15% for derivatives (units) bonds and fund units. Pension fund units should remain exempt. The turnover of securities transactions of the Estonian Central Securities Depository can be used to calculate the tax return. Assuming a decrease in turnover due to the application of the tax, tax revenues would not be excessive but still considerable. For example, in the case of a 05% tax rate, the tax revenue in 2010 could have been around € 3 million and € 15 million at € 77 million. In terms of the distribution of the tax burden, the most taxable financial instrument would be a share and the share would be followed by a fund unit. A tenant has a loan unsecured loan to give to those who do not own their property. A tenant loan is always unsecured because in most cases if you are renting your accommodation you do not have the property against which you can insure your loan. Tenants sometimes find that some loan companies only lend money to homeowners. If you are a tenant you need to look for a company bank or building a society ready for you unsecured loan. True, three million euros are already a savings price for this house because Klais initially tried to get rid of his wool for 45 million euros. For this price, Vabaõhu Villa was sold by Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty Estonia, which was opened last summer and is part of the globally renowned Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC group, which deals with exclusive real estate. More information is available for a loan up to 1000 euros for up to 3 years. For example: When borrowing EUR 500 with a maturity of 360 days, a fixed interest rate of 4693% is the annual percentage rate of charge of 5948% of the contract fee of EUR 0, the repayment amount is EUR 636 and the total amount payable by the consumer is EUR 636. Placet Group OÜ Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 4 Tallinn Phone 6630110. Attention! Every loan is a financial obligation. Before signing a loan agreement, carefully read the terms of the contract and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

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Renegotiate Your Home Loan Now!


Good news for homeowners and first time buyers! By reading the press or listening to the radio, it could not escape you: mortgage loan rates plummet . In fact, we are approaching 2010 historical records, with a revised rate of 3.2% over 20 years . Of course, it makes you think.


You own

You own

You took out your home loan at least two years ago? You are then very concerned by a renegotiation of your mortgage. Because a home loan is made at a given moment, depending on your current project and meeting the constraints of the market of the time, it is important to know that a renegotiation is possible. As time passes, the terms of your home loan may not be right for you, or it may be time to revisit your interest rate.
You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

If you are going Bill Sikesly to negotiate your current home loan with banks, then you know the difficulty of this type of dialogue. You had to heal your borrower profile, master the banking jargon, and not lose sight of your financial limitations. Imagine that the renegotiation of your mortgage is happening in the same way, and even more complex …

This is why the specialists of Bill Sikes Real Estate Bill Sikes (the 1st broker 100% Web), a subsidiary of MAIF group offer their services of renegotiation of mortgage loan . On the dedicated site you describe your project in a few clicks. Your advisor calls you within 48 hours to refine and target the best criteria you want to renegotiate: reduce the duration of borrowing, reduce the interest rate, or reduce monthly payments.
Your advisor accompanies you step by step to complete the renegotiation of your home loan until you sign it in the nearest bank branch in your home.
The savings will be up to your expectations!

You are accessing the property

You are accessing the property

Buying your property is an important step in your life. Do not give in to precipitation is very important. At the moment, the loan offers can prove to be very very advantageous: the rates have fallen, it’s time to enjoy it, but not just any way.
Go through a mortgage specialist will allow you to obtain the most competitive rate of the market, without having to undergo the negotiations often exhausting with bankers. This is a second job of the Real Estate Bill Sikes broker.
Its Bill Sikes-Bill service allows you to apply for a home loan online from home. This application and its study are completely free , confidential and without any commitment .
Your advisor accompanies you and negotiates for you the best offer of real estate Bill Sikes with its banking partners. You get the best rate for your project, then an appointment at the nearest bank is organized.

Remember, you can also review your loan insurance , or choose it in the case of an accession, without necessarily taking that of the bank granting you the loan. It is a factor that can generate significant savings .