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Good news for homeowners and first time buyers! By reading the press or listening to the radio, it could not escape you: mortgage loan rates plummet . In fact, we are approaching 2010 historical records, with a revised rate of 3.2% over 20 years . Of course, it makes you think.


You own

You own

You took out your home loan at least two years ago? You are then very concerned by a renegotiation of your mortgage. Because a home loan is made at a given moment, depending on your current project and meeting the constraints of the market of the time, it is important to know that a renegotiation is possible. As time passes, the terms of your home loan may not be right for you, or it may be time to revisit your interest rate.
You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

If you are going Bill Sikesly to negotiate your current home loan with banks, then you know the difficulty of this type of dialogue. You had to heal your borrower profile, master the banking jargon, and not lose sight of your financial limitations. Imagine that the renegotiation of your mortgage is happening in the same way, and even more complex …

This is why the specialists of Bill Sikes Real Estate Bill Sikes (the 1st broker 100% Web), a subsidiary of MAIF group offer their services of renegotiation of mortgage loan . On the dedicated site you describe your project in a few clicks. Your advisor calls you within 48 hours to refine and target the best criteria you want to renegotiate: reduce the duration of borrowing, reduce the interest rate, or reduce monthly payments.
Your advisor accompanies you step by step to complete the renegotiation of your home loan until you sign it in the nearest bank branch in your home.
The savings will be up to your expectations!

You are accessing the property

You are accessing the property

Buying your property is an important step in your life. Do not give in to precipitation is very important. At the moment, the loan offers can prove to be very very advantageous: the rates have fallen, it’s time to enjoy it, but not just any way.
Go through a mortgage specialist will allow you to obtain the most competitive rate of the market, without having to undergo the negotiations often exhausting with bankers. This is a second job of the Real Estate Bill Sikes broker.
Its Bill Sikes-Bill service allows you to apply for a home loan online from home. This application and its study are completely free , confidential and without any commitment .
Your advisor accompanies you and negotiates for you the best offer of real estate Bill Sikes with its banking partners. You get the best rate for your project, then an appointment at the nearest bank is organized.

Remember, you can also review your loan insurance , or choose it in the case of an accession, without necessarily taking that of the bank granting you the loan. It is a factor that can generate significant savings .


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